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We've been working with small business owners for ages. Most of them have said something like:

"I started my business to do This Thing that I'm really excited about and that I'm really good at, but instead of doing This Thing, I spend a huge chunk of my time dealing with my backshop (HR, finance, etc.). Which is complicated. And boring."

That boring stuff? We're really good at it. Let us take it off your plate. Seriously. Hand it over.

Your day's about to get better.

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We'll take care of everything you'd like to avoid. Hate calling your clients about unpaid invoices? You should let us do that for you.

  • Managing accounts payable / accounts receivable
  • Bookkeeping & monthly reporting
  • Budgets & projections
  • Payroll management

Good choice! Let's talk finance today.

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What else you got?

Operations Support

Does your staff put the REALLY important paperwork on your chair, because anywhere else in your office is a recipe for disaster? Are you approaching a funding round and can’t find that super crucial signed document? Step aside, folks. We got this.

  • Maintenance of corporate records
  • Management of vendor relationships
  • Recruitment of permanent support staff
  • Development of new hire and termination procedures
  • Event management

Great! Let's figure out your operations situation.

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Social & Digital Strategy

We’re not all spreadsheets and pocket protectors. Let’s captivate your audience with a little strategery.

  • Content development and planning
  • Copywriting (See some of Cleo’s work here!)
  • Web design and full-stack development to fit your budget
  • Logo, branding and identity design
  • Community engagement

Cool! Let's get a handle on your social & digital strategy.

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Anything else?

Human Resources

Are your I9s filed separately from your employee files? (Uh, have you completed I9s?) We provide instant HR relief. Ahhhhh...

  • Formalization of policies and procedures
  • Design of employee handbook
  • Maintenance of employee files
  • Payroll processing
  • Design, administration, and audit employee benefits programs

Smart. Let's sort out what you need for HR help.

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Raven Labs

Born as a vehicle to unleash the imagination of spreadsheet nerds (ahem, Cleo), Raven Labs are monthly sessions in which we'll explore loads of creative endeavors.

From calligraphy and coffee roasting to wine tasting and wreath-making to floral design and furniture restoration, our Labs are designed to educate and inspire with hands-on instruction by fascinating local artists and experts.

BONUS: A bit of networking, minus the interrupting mansplainers. And we do it all in our bright, sunny warehouse space, right downtown!

Do you have a great idea for a future Raven Lab? Want to host private Labs for your team or family and friends?

Sweet! What's your idea for a future Lab event?

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As a brand new business owner who knew nothing about the wonky business and administration side of getting myself launched, Cleo was a godsend! She talked me through my challenges in a way that was super easy to grasp, did extensive research and collaborated with me to find the right solutions for my particular needs.

She was able to get all of my messy business processes’ (or lack thereof) designed and launched successfully in a short amount of time. Her work has allowed me to focus on what I do best while she took all the boring stuff (at least to me) off my plate.

Meredith Fox, CEO, Portage Partners Consulting

Me again. Plus, she is a blast to work with. She is serious about her work, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. Cleo follows through on her promises, provides a top notch product and genuinely cares about the clients she is supporting. And she looks damn good doing it!

She can balance your checkbook, style your office, refine your brand identity and write you an HR manual all in one afternoon!

I would HIGHLY recommend Cleo to any organization or business looking to get their shit together!

Meredith Fox, CEO, Portage Partners Consulting